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I love cats. Cats are independent, characterful and easy to maintain.  But there is a certain dog that melts my heart. You can get them smooth-haired, longhaired or wirehaired. You can scoop them up and carry them around. Because they’re German, they’re very well made.  Who’d want a drippy labrador when you can have a quirky dachshund!


The discerning Dukes Hotel in St James, London agrees. In their lobby is a very handsome and much admired bronze dachshund sculpture – a real ‘sausage dog’ – by artist Richard W Boardman, who’s animal forms combine a highly developed sense of aesthetics and humour. (As you can see, Richard’s dachshund is watched over by the hotel’s gallant namesake.)


Richard tells me that for several years the hotel didn’t have the pooch fixed down, and he often went ‘missing’. Apparently, guests would take him into the breakfast area and perch him next to their table or chair. If I’d known, I’d have returned with a very large handbag!

Richard Boardman and friend

Richard Boardman and friend


The Dukes Hotel (which even has a dappled Cognac and Cigar Garden) is a perfect spot to meet up, stay, or host a corporate event.  Those lucky enough to stay in a suite, and who are very small, will be presented with ‘Dukesy’ this soft, furry toy version of the bronze guy in the lobby.  

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