About Wizardwords

The road to wizardwords is long and winding but it’s always been creative. I started out in fashion as a visual display artist, graduated to PR and then on to journalism and copywriting.

My specialism is complementary health and the holistic approach to wellbeing, but I recognize that conventional medicine has its rightful place, and believe that ‘integrative’ is the way forward.

I know the natural products industry inside out and I’ve edited and contributed to both b2b and consumer titles. I’ve a copious contacts file and have interviewed a diverse range of people about their lifestyle, from pioneering cardiologist Dr Christiaan Barnard to a veteran Hollywood stunt coordinator and well-known actors and broadcasters. The most charming person I've ever interviewed? Angela Rippon!

I like to write about other subjects too, like fashion, travel and culture. What’s fundamental to me as a writer, though,  is finding the right voice, cracking that essential twist to make a concept sell, and seeing it through to fruition. To be intuitive about what clients and users want.  

That’s how I can help you make your business shine.

About Denise

    • I’m a member of the Guild of Health Writers and a mentor at the School of Communication Arts. SCA is a progressive London academy that nurtures young advertising talent and filmmakers, many on scholarship placements, ready for the big wide world of media.

    • I took a rather late gap year. I sold up, went round the world and for part of the adventure, crewed on a friend’s yacht, sailing from Southern Taiwan to Hong Kong. I still haven’t learned how to swim.

    • I love flowers, autumn, medieval cities, architecture, psychology, anything surreal, cats, textiles and vintage handbags.

    • I founded a retro handbags business, trading privately, and at an Open Day in the Basil Street Hotel, Knightsbridge. Visitors included bag junkies, buyers, celebrities and the media and I secured several articles about the event including Time Out, the Independent newspaper and Vogue magazine. I no longer collect, but incase there are any interested publishers out there, I’ve written a hefty synopsis for a coffee table book that’s an homage to the handbag.