Wizardwords crafts magical content, editorial and commercial. My specialism is holistic health, beauty and lifestyle but I’ve written about all kinds of stuff including fashion, travel, retail and restaurants. I enjoy interviewing people and I’ve profiled some diverse and fascinating personalities. I launched the company around ten years ago and its name was inspired by a feline ‘muse’, my mischievous cat named Wizard.

Since then I’ve worked as an editor, contributor, copywriter and content creator across a range of media including magazines, websites, advertisements, advertorials, blogs, newsletters, customer publishing,  speechwriting and product packaging text.

Wizardwords understands the magic and power of words and the impact that they have on the reader. We love cohesive and effective content that will inspire and resonate – and we’re happy to work independently or as part of a creative team.

For a full CV – and if you think Wizardwords could sprinkle you some stardust – please get in touch!

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