An amazing new product has just won first prize for Best New Concept at the World Food Innovation Awards in London. I’ve already reviewed it, as it's a new brand in a client’s portfolio (Natural Trade Brokers), but thought I’d to spread the word as it’s really pushed the envelope.  It’s an energy bar called Crobar (this gets weirder) and the makers, Gathr, wanted to set themselves a challenge to change people’s perceptions.

 Well, they’ve succeeded and then some: Crobar contains flour made from crickets! Tasty nuts, seeds and fruit are also in the mix and paleo-friendly Crobar is free from gluten and dairy as well as added sugar. So very wholesome indeed. “In fact” says Gathr, “crickets are as high in protein as beef, but lower in fat. They contain twice as much iron as spinach, and only 10g of crickets contain your daily dose of Vitamin B12.”

 OK you vegans you need to look away now as yes, Crobars are crafted from those chirpy little bugs. But here’s the case for:  Crickets are not only high in protein and iron, they could be the answer to the ever increasing protein demands of the future, as according to Gathr, they emit 80 times less CO2 than cattle and require a twelfth the amount of water. So, as you munch away on a Crobar, you could be helping to save the planet. Prepare to be bowled over!

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Denise Barrett

Denise Barrett