In my book, you can’t beat Aduna for supreme brand identity: vibrant, exotic packaging, pure, ‘superfood’ ingredients and a sound, ethical rationale. 


Born out of co-founder Andrew Hunt’s therapeutic three year spell in the Gambia (his advertising background shines through in the brand’s creativity) Aduna has a clutch of a awards including Global Sourcing Council’s Innovative Sourcing Award, which they were presented at the UN Headquarters in New York; Baobab Superfruit Powder and Baobab Raw Energy Bars were both winners in the 2015 Great Taste Awards, and the company won a sizeable cash injection from Richard Branson as a finalist in  Pitch to Rich contest.


Aduna has also made a huge impression on Deputy Editor Wizard, (below). He’s in the process of writing to them to request a Superfood variant that’s suitable for felines.


Aduna is a new brand in the portfolio of Natural Trade Brokers. The eye-catching image above is lifted from my front page of their magazine, Natural Trade News.

Deputy Editor Wizard

Deputy Editor Wizard